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Using WebDrive

  1. Download from...

  2. Open WebDrive

  3. Enter a site name in the first field at the top of the page (on right).

    Optional: To specify a directory, click the "Properties" button, and in the "Advanced" tab, enter a forward-slash followed by your directory name (this can be defined to the deepest level, if need be). This will connect to your specific directory so you don't have to navigate through several sub-directories each time you want to work.

  4. Finally, (back at the first screen) enter your NetID/MNA user name; click the "Connect" button, and you'll be prompted for your NetID/MNA password:

  5. Once connected, you'll see a drive mount to WebDrive (it will appear just like the mounting to Homeroom)

  6. Now you can open your html editor and open files from your site on drive "W" just like when your web pages were a subdirectory inside your Homeroom.

  7. Instructions for re-routing your site defined in Dreamweaver to the new drive.

Other tips for WebDrive users:

Disconnecting: Your WebDrive will remain open/connected as long as your machine is on. To disconnect, you can either
  • Right-click on the system tray icon, select "W:wwwdev" and "disconnect" from the pop-up menus.
  • Log off your machine (which will disconnect all network connections on Windows XP)
  • Reboot or turn off your machine
Defining more than one site in WebDrive
  1. Use the Webdrive instructions to set up your first site, specifying the directory of that site in the "Properties."
  2. For the second site/connection, open WebDrive again, and click the "New Site" button in the bottom left of the window.
  3. The site name can be the name of your site/directory
    - Site address:
    - Server type: ftp
    - Drive: select a different drive letter than W:
    - uncheck "anonymous/public logon" if selected
    - enter user name in "username" field
    - In "Properties" define second site directory: /sitedirectory
    - Hit "OK" and "Connect."
Defining additional sites in Dreamweaver
  1. When you set up your WebDrive connection, do not define a root directory in the "Properties."
  2. When you Connect, you will see a window with all the web server directories. Close this window. Any directories/folders to which you do not have access, will appear empty to you.
  3. In Dreamweaver, go to the "Site" menu and define/manage/edit your sites.
  4. For each site, define the local root folder as w:/sitedirectory ("sitedirectory" is the name of your site name that appears after the
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