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MUSC Web Server Developers' Corner

This method is for on-campus use. For off-campus connections, use WebDrive or an sftp client to make an sftp connection to

from a Windows machine

1.  Right click on "My Computer" and choose "Map Network Drive."

2.   For "Folder" enter in:


NOTE: If you only have access to a specific (sub) directory under a site (root directory), continue with the full path after your site name:

3.  Click on "different user name" link and in the window that pops-up enter your NetID login as your "User name" and your NetID password and then select the "OK" button.

4.  Select the "Finish" button and a window with your connection should appear.

from a Mac

1.  At the top menu click on the "Go" menu option then select "Connect to Server."
2.   Enter in:

(NOTE: If you only have access to a directory under a site, continue with the path after your site name.)

3.  Select the "Connect" button.
4.  Enter your NetID login as the "Username" and your NetID password (leave the Workgroup/Domain field blank).
5.  You should now have a mapped drive on your desktop.

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