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Connecting to the new web server in Dreamweaver

  1. Connect to the development server with WebDrive
  2. Go into the "Site" menu and select "Edit Sites" if you already have your site defined; if not, select "New Site"

  3. Select your department site you wish to redefine and click the "Edit" button.

  4. Verify that you are in the "Advanced" tab view and under the "Local Info" Category. Your Site Name will remain the same; change your "Local Root folder" from pointing to Homeroom to the WebDrive connection (default drive is W:). Click "Select."

  5. If you specified a specific (departmental) directory when connecting with WebDrive, then your "Local Root Folder" will just read "W:"
    Note: If you manage several sites, you can either 1) make several WebDrive connections, defining the directories in WebDrive, or 2) connect to Webdrive without defining a Root Directory and set the path in Dreamweaver (see example below).

  6. Go to the "Remote info" category; the Access should be set to "None."
  7. To preview your edits online, go to
    This will be a view of your file(s) on the development server. Once everything is correct and approved, then you (or the publisher of your site, if it's someone other than you) go to WebControl ( ) to move the files from development to production (live and viewable to the public).

  8. Exiting Dreamweaver will not log you off the server. Be sure to disconnect from WebDrive when you're finished working: right-click on "My Network Places" and select "Disconnect Network Drive."

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