Recent Violence Against Women References
This tool is to assist researchers and practitioners in locating the latest references in the field of violence against women prevention research.

Journal of Family Violence
Journal of Interpersonal Violence
Violence and Victims
Violence Against Women

Journal of Family Violence

(June 2002)

"Personality Profiles of Women in Multiple Abusive Relationships." Frederick L. Coolidge, Laura W. Anderson.

"Type and Severity of Abuse as Predicators of Psychiatric Symptoms in Adolescence." Sylvie Naar-King, Louise Silvern, Victor Ryan, Deborah Sebring.

"Family Context and Childhood Adjustment Associated with Intrafamilial Unwanted Sexual Attention." Julia M. Whealin, Stephenie Davies, Anne E. Shaffer, Joan L. Jackson, Leslie C. Love.

"Collateral Damage: An Analysis of the Achievements and Unintended Consequences of Batterer Intervention: Programs and Discourse." Eric S. Mankowski, Janice Haaken, Courtenay S. Silvergleid.
(March 2002)
"Effects of Partner Violence and Physical Child Abuse on Child Behavior: A Study of Abused and Comparison Children." Suzanne Salzinger, Richard S. Feldman, Daisy S. Ng-Mak, Elena Mojica, Tanya Stockhammer, Margaret Rosario, pp. 23-52.

"A Comparative Study of Battered Women and Their Children in Italy and the United States." Laura Ann McCloskey, Michaela Treviso, Theresa Scionti, Giuliana dal Pozzo, pp. 53-74.

"The Relationship Between Partner Abuse and Substance Use Among Women Mandated to Drug Treatment." Carinda Wilson-Cohn, Shiela M. Strauss, Gregory P. Falkin, pp. 91-105.
(December 2001)
"The Role of Woman's Explanations for Refusal on Men's Ability to Discriminate Unwanted Sexual Behavior in Date Rape Scenario." Victoria e. Van Wie, Alan M. Gross, pp.331-344.

"Time-Varying Risk Factors for Reassault Among Batterer Program Participants." Alison Snow Jones, Edward W. Gondolf, pp. 345-359.

"Interpersonal Dependency Among Court-Ordered Domestic Violence Offenders: A Descriptive Analysis." Frederick P. Buttell, Celeste Jones, pp. 375-384.

"Race and Demographic Factors in Treatment Attendance for Domestically Abusive Men." Casey T. Taft, Christopher M. Murphy, Jeffrey D. Elliott, Michael C. Keaser, pp. 385-400.

"Comparing the Social Service Utilization, Exposure to Violence, and Trauma Symptomology of Domestic Violence Female "Victims" and Female "Batterers". Eileen Mazur Abel, pp. 401-420.

"Sociostructural Considerations of Domestic Femicide." Sheryl J. Grana, pp. 421-435.
(September 2001)
"Victims with Voices: How Abused Women Conceptualize the Problem of Spousal Abuse and Implications for Intervention and Prevention." Robin L. Nabi and Jennifer R. Horner. pp. 237-253.

"The Direct and Indirect Effects of Domestic Violence on Young children's Intellectual Functioning." Alissa C. Huth-Bocks, Alytia A. Levedosky, Michael A. Semel. pp. 269-290.

"Conduct Problems Among Children at Battered Women's Shelters: Prevalence and Stability of Maternal Reports." Holly Shinn Ware, Ernest N. Jouriles, Laura C. Spiller, Renee McDonald, Paul R. Swank, William D. Norwood. pp. 291-307.

"Batterers Stalking Patterns." Ann W. Burgess, Holly Harner, Timothy Baker, Carol R. Hartman, Christopher Lole. pp. 309-321.
Journal of Interpersonal Violence

(May 2002)
"Coverage of Domestic Violence Fatalities by Newspapers in Washington State." Cathy Ferrand Bullock, Jason Cubert.

"Sexual Homicide of Elderly Females: Linking Offender Characteristics to Victim and Crime Scene Attributes." Mark E. Safarik, John P. Jarvis, Kathleen E. Nussbaum.

"Enhancing Coordinated Community Response to Reduce Recidivism in Cases of Domestic Violence." Melanie F. Shepard, Dennis R. Falk, Barbara A. Elliott.

"Violence and Intimacy in Close Relationships." Robert F. Marcus, Bruce Sweet.
(April 2002)
"Agreement About Violence in U.S. Couples." John Schafer, Raul Caetano, Catherine L. Clark.
(March 2002)
"World Assumptions, Sexual Assault, Depression, and Fearful Attitudes Toward Relationships." Holly N. Harris, David P. Valentiner.

"Domestic Violence Survivors' Self-Identified Reasons for Returning to Abusive Relationships." Sascha Griffing, Deborah Fish Ragin, Robert E. Sage, Lorraine Madry, Lewis E. Bingham, Beny J. Primm.
(December 2001)
"Batterer Characteristics and Treatment Completion." Bruce Dalton.

"Preventing the 'Second Rape': Rape Survivors' Experiences with Community Service Providers." Rebecca Campbell, Sharon M. Wasco, Courtney E. Ahrens, Tracy Sefl, Holly E. Barnes.

"Reducing Domestic Violence Revictimization: The Effects of Individual and Contextual Factors and Type of Legal Intervention." Daniel P. Mears, Matthew J. Carlson, George W. Holden, Susan D. Harris.

"Factors Influencing Nurses' Responses to Abused Women: What They Say They Do and Why They Say They Do It." Angela Henderson.

"Ethnic Status, Stigmatization, Support, and Symptom Development Following Sexual Abuse." Candice Feiring, Deborah L. Coates, Lynn S. Taskas.
(November 2001)
"Perceptions of Rape and Sexual Assault Among Australian Adolescents and Young Adults." Sophia Xenos, David Smith.

"An Evaluation of an Acquaintance Rape Prevention Program: Impact on Attitudes, Sexual Aggression, and Sexual Victimization." Christine A. Gidycz, Melissa J. Layman, Cindy L. Rich, Marie Crothers, Julius Gylys, Abigail Matorin, Cecilia Dine Jacobs.

"Parenting Stress and Parenting Competence Among Latino Men Who Batter." Charlene K. Baker, Julia L. Perilla, Fran H. Norris.

"Factors Contributing to Levels of Burnout Among Sex Offender Treatment Providers." Rebecca A. Shelby, Rebecca M. Stoddart, Kathryn L. Taylor.
(October 2001)
"Predictors of Batterer Program Attendance." Jennifer Daly, Thomas G. Power, Edward W. Gondolf.

"Impact of Sexual Assault as a Function of Perpetrator Type." Kayleen A. Culbertson, Crystal Dehle.

"Disclosure of Sexual Orientation, Victimization, and Mental Health Among Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Older Adults." Anthony R. D'Augelli, Arnold H. Grossman.

"Correlates of Formal and Informal Support Seeking in Sexual Assault Victims." Sarah E. Ullman, Henrietta H. Filipas.

"Against All Odds: A Qualitative Follow-Up Study of High-Risk Violent Offenders Who Were Not Reconvicted." Ulrika Haggard, Clara H. Gumpert, Martin Grann.

"Male Perpetration of Physical Violence Against Female Partners: The Interaction of Dominance Needs and Attachment Insecurity." Anne Marie Mauricio, Barbara Gormley.

"Theoretical Note: Interpreting Moderate Effects in Interpersonal Violence." Grant T. Harris, N. Zoe Hilton.
(September 2001)
"Perpetrators, Victims, and Observers of Violence: Chronic and Non-Chronic Drug Users." H. Virginia McCoy, Sarah E. Messiah, Zhinuan Yu.

"Predictors of Premilitary Courtship Violence in a Navy Recruit Sample." Jacquelyn W. White, Lex L. Merrill, Mary P. Koss.
(August 2001)
"Risk Factors for Major Violence Among Homeless Women." Suzanne L. Wenzell, Barbara D. Leake, Lillian Gelberg, pp. 739-752.

"Relationship Mutuality: Why Is It Important in Batterers' Rehabilitation?" April A. Gerlock. pp. 768-783.

"Attitudinal, Experiential, and Situational Predictors of Sexual Assault Perpetration." Antonia Abbey, Pam McAuslan, Tina Zawacki, A. Monique Clinton, and Philip O. Buck. pp. 784-807.

"Help-Seeking and Male Gender-Role Attitudes in Male Batterers." Jesmen Mendoza and Anne L. Cummings. pp. 833-840.

"Domestic Violence Screening Among Medical Residents: Is the Message Getting Through?" Caron Zlotnick and Raymond O. Powrie. pp. 841-846.
Violence and Victims

(Vol. 17, no. 6)
"Exploring Racial Variations in the Spousal Sex Ratio of Killing." Wendy C. Regoeczi.

"Justifiability, Sympathy Level, and Internal/External Locus of the Reasons Battered Women Remain in the Abusive Relationships." Diane R. Follingstad, Margaret M. Runge, April Ace, Robert Buzan, Cindy Helff.

"A Follow-up Study of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, Anxiety, and Depression in Australian Victims of Domestic Violence." Peter Mertin, Philip B. Mohr.

"Sexual Abuse: A Comparison Between Resilient Victims and Drug-Addicted Victims." Magali H. Dufour, Louise Nadeau.

"Social Reactions to Sexual Assault Victims from Various Support Sources." Henrietta h. Filipas, Sarah E. Ullman.

"The Program Effect of Batterer Programs in Three Cities." Edward W. Gondolf, Alison Snow Jones.
(Vol. 17, No. 3)
"Battered Women Who Were 'Being Killed and Survived It?': Straight Talk from Survivors." Kathyrn Ann Farr.

"Risk Factors for Suicide Attempts Among African American Women Experiencing Recent Intimate Partner Violence." Martie P. Thompson, Nadine J. Kaslow, J.B. Kingree.

"Measuring the Lifetime Experience of Domestic Violence: Applications of the Life History Calendar Method." Mieko Yoshihama, Kimberly Clum, Alexandra Crampton, Brenda Gillespie.

"Alcohol and Substance Use Disorders as Predictors of Child to Adult Sexual Revictimization in a Sample of Community Women." Terri L. Messman-Moore, Patricia J. Long.

"Attitudes Toward Wife Rape: Effects of Social Background and Victim Status." Kathleen C. Basile.
(October 2001)
"Physical Violence Among Anglo, African American, and Hispanic Couples: Ethnic Differences in Persistence and Cessation." Jana L. Jasinski.

"Antisocial personality, Substance Abuse, and Exposure to Parental Violence in Males referred for Domestic Violence." Keith McBurnett, Carl Kerckhoff, Lisa Capasso, Linda J. Pfiffner, Paul J. Rathouz, Mike McCord, and Steven M. Harris.

"The Impact of Husband Physical Aggression and Alcohol Use on Marital Functioning: Does Alcohol 'Excuse' the Violence?" Maria Testa and Kenneth E. Leonard.

"Linking Drug-Related Activities with Experiences of Partner Violence: A Focus Group Study of Women in Methadone Treatment." Louisa Gilbert, Nabila El-Bassel, Valli Rajah, Anthony Foleno and Victoria Frye.

"Intimate Partner Sexual Abuse Among Women on Methadone." Victoria Frye, Nabilia El-Bassel, Louisa Gilbert, Valli Rajah, and Nicole Christie.
Violence Against Women

(March 2002)
"A Typology of Women's Use of Violence in Intimate Relationships." Suzanne C. Swan, David L. Snow.

"Improving Intimate Partner Violence Protocols for Emergency Departments: An Assessment Tool and Findings." Andrea Craig Dodge, Elizabeth McLoughlin, Linda E. Saltzman, Gregory Nah, Peggy Skaj, Jacquelyn C. Campbell, Debbie Lee.

"The Definitional Process of Domestic Violence in Japan: Generating Official Response Through Action-Oriented Research and International Advocacy." Mieko Yoshihama.

"Violence Against Immigrant Women: The Roles of Culture, Context, and Legal Immigrant Status on Intimate Partner Violence." Anita Raj, Jay Silverman.
(December 2001)
"The Paradox of Women Arrested for Domestic Violence: Criminal Justice Professionals and Service Providers Respond." Susan L. Miller.

"Supporting Battered Women Involved with the Court System: An Evaluation of a Law School-Based Advocacy Intervention." Margaret E. Bell, Lisa A. Goodman.

"Healing the Wounds of Domestic Abuse: Improving the Effectiveness of Feminist Therapeutic Interventions with Immigrant and Racially Visible Women Who Have Been Abused." Anita Sharma.

"The Relationship Between Parents' Violence Against Daughters and Violence by Other Perpetrators: An Italian Study." Patrizia Romito, Marie-Josephe Saurel-Cubizolles, Micaela Crisma.

"Impulsive, but Violent? Are Components of the Attention Deficit-Hyperactivity Syndrome Associated with Aggression in Relationships?" Stephen W. Theriault, Diane Holmberg.
(April 2001)
"'Bring My Scooter So I Can Leave You.'" Marsha Saxton. pp. 393-417.

"Linking the Assessment of Self-Reported Functional Capacity with Abuse Experiences of Women with Disabilities." Stephen French Gilson. pp. 418-431.

"Sterilization of Girls and Women with Intellectual Disabilities." Susan M. Brady. pp. 432-461.

"The Investigation of Abuse and Women with Disabilities." Margaret A. Nosek. pp. 477-499.

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