Developing Services for Lesbians in Abusive Relationships: A Macro and Micro Approach

Reviewed by
Suzana Rose, Ph.D.

from an article of the same title by:
Christine Heer, Eileen Grogan, Sandra Clark, & Lynda Marie Carson

In A. R. Roberts (Ed.), Battered Women and Their Families: Intervention, Strategies, and Treatment Programs (pp. 365-384). New York: Springer Publishing Co, Inc., 1998


To review the work of the Battered Lesbian Task Force in New Jersey

Domestic violence occurs in lesbian relationships, with one study showing that up to 65% of lesbians report having been hit by a partner with fists or open hands. .Only 34 states have domestic violence laws that apply to homosexual as well as heterosexual relationships. .Many of the 24 battered women's agencies in New Jersey indicated in a survey that the agency and/or staff were not comfortable serving battered lesbians.

Interventions by the Battered Lesbian Task Force of New Jersey:

Plan of Action: Provided training programs to 22 domestic violence programs on same-sex domestic violence;

-Trained community educators about how to include lesbian and gay domestic violence in public presentations;

-Developed a referral list of practitioners in the state who were experienced in the area of lesbian and gay domestic violence; -Initiated a support group for battered lesbians;

-Developed a policy statement on Services for Battered Lesbians.

Political Efforts: Successfully worked to amend the New Jersey Prevention of Domestic Violence Act to include lesbian and gay relationships in 1990.

Program Development and Direct Services Established the Battered Lesbian Helpline in 1994; -Ways to improve support groups for battered lesbians and treatment for lesbian batterers are discussed.

Reviewed by Suzanna Rose, Ph.D.
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