Lesbian, Gay, Transgender and Bisexual
Domestic Violence in 1998

Reviewed by
Suzana Rose, Ph.D.

from an article of the same title by:
National Coalition of Anti-Violence Programs

National Coalition of Anti-Violence Programs, October, 1998, c/o New York City Gay and Lesbian Anti-Violence Project,
240 West 35th St., Ste. 200, New York, NY 1001-2506, (212)714-1184, http://www.avp.org

The report represents the third annual survey of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender (LGBT) domestic violence reported by the members of the National Coalition of Anti-Violence Programs. The report includes quantitative and qualitative information about the level of domestic violence reported to community-based anti-violence and domestic violence projects.

The report included case data from 13 participating NCAVP agencies and 9 partner organizations across the U.S.

Domestic violence for this report was defined as: the intentional, nonconsensual pattern of harm by one's intimate partner for the purposes of gaining and maintaining control over their partner.

In 1998, there were 2,574 cases of lesbian, gay, transgender and bisexual domestic violence reported to participating and partner NCAVP organizations in the US  Survivors in the report identified as gay (47%), lesbian (36%), bisexual (9%) and heterosexual (8%). The highest rate of reporting came from survivors between the ages of 30 and 44. The majority of reports came from Whites, Latino, or African American survivors. Two murder-suicides were reported, in which the male batterer first killed his male partner, then himself. Several survivor narratives were provided.

Meaning: Domestic violence in the LGBT community is estimated to be as prevalent as in the heterosexual community. Few services are available for LGBT victims. More resources for community education, prevention, and services are needed.

Reviewed by Suzanna Rose, Ph.D.

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