MUSC Information Security Rationale

The Need for Safeguards

1. Purpose and Scope

MUSC, and its faculty, staff and students, are required to comply with many different state and federal laws, regulations, and rules. MUSC is also required to meet a number of different accreditation standards. In addition to meeting these external, compliance-related and accrediation-related rules and regulations, we have an ethical duty to protect the privacy and security of much of the electronic information that is entrusted to our care.

To enable its faculty, students and staff to understand their role in meeting these obligations, MUSC has a number of enterprise-wide policies related to information security. This document provides references to some of the statutes, regulations, codes, and other standards that have a direct or indirect impact on these information security policies.

2. State Authorities

2.1 South Carolina Code of Laws

2.2 Other State Regulations

3. Federal Authorities

3.1. United States Code

3.2 Other Federal Laws and Regulations

4. Other Authorities