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 Welcome To Lowcountry Partners!

The Lowcountry Partners For Inquiry Teaching and Learning is a partnership with The Medical University of South Carolina, The College of Charleston, and The Charleston County School District. Together we are working to improve South Carolina Education and to enhance the teaching experiences of the science community. Our goals include:

  • Creating a culture of cooperation between the scientific community and the classroom
  • Offering graduate students at MUSC and C of C an opportunity to bring their knowledge and excitement to classrooms
  • Improving content knowledge of teachers and fellows
  • Providing opportunities for inquiry learning for teachers and students

Calendar of Events

July 21-27, 2003

APS Frontiers in Physiology 2003 Professional Development Fellowship

Oct. 17-18, 2003

SE AETS Regional Meeting

Nov. 12-14, 2003

South Carolina Science Council

Jan. 8-11, 2004

AETS Conference

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