Wohltuenberg exists only in my mind. It's something like Bavaria but not quite, it's sometime around 1910, but not quite. It is my non-prototypical, semi-scaled little Marklin Z scale train empire. And because it's my little world, the Orient Express runs through on a regular basis, although in the real world, rivalry between Wagon Lit and its German competitor prevented that from ever happening. Since my German is pretty shaky, I will provide (English translations) where needed. For Example, Wohltuendberg (Pleasant Mountain) is my fractured version of a German equivalent to my home in Mt. Pleasant, SC.

My layout is 120cm (48 inches) by 74cm (29 inches). It is designed to be just wide enough to pass through our doors. There are two main tracks; a outer one with wider curves and gentle grades to allow the Orient Express to sweep impressively though the town, and an inner one that winds through the mountains for the local trains. Not shown is a small loop high in the mountains for my mining train to pop in and out of tunnels.
This is a conceptual diagram on my little kingdom. This kingdom has such an arbitrary ruler that it is already out of date but it will serve to give a general idea. The biggest changes is that I have decided to have not one but two castles. The most magnificent castle is named Schloss Rittersohn (Castle of the Knight's Son) because my grandson's last name is Knight. On the next mountain over is an old rundown castle for Grandfather - that's me. It is named Schloss Durchziehendwind (Castle of the Passing Wind). Those of you that are Benny Hill fans will understand.

You are welcome to take a closer look at Wohltuenberg by going to the sections below.
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