CAN DO SEM  (Space Experiment Module) on STS-80









Big Experiments in Small Tubes

BEST experiments are designed to let individual students and small student teams design and execute their own research protocol using sound scientific methods. The principles of controls and blind study are used to teach research methods as well as space science. The STS-80 SEM 2 Module housed 232 separate experiments.

232 BEST experiments with controls means handling almost 1000 vials (Left to right) BEST Co-Principal Investigators Lem Patterson and Elaine Berndt undertake the huge task of sorting, safety checking and logging in the samples.

Tracking the experiments requires the maintenance of a carefully prepared database. Here Ellen Vaughan and Lem Patterson enter the data on the CAN DO Pentium computer workstation obtained through a Grant from Eastman Kodak.

The final task is to individually recheck each specimen to be sure it is accurately described in the database. Fluid levels and safety criteria are reconfirmed. Then they are sealed into a specially constructed aluminum box ready for space flight.


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