TO: EarthKAM Colleagues

FROM: Shelley Canright
Pete Thomas
Bill Williams

SUBJECT: STS-93 Closeout and Initiation of STS-99

DATE: May 17, 1999

We wanted to give you an update on the STS-93 launch and the plans for
STS-99. It was decided last week at an EarthKAM Program Managers
meeting in San Diego, CA, that EarthKAM will not participate in STS-93
due to the uncertainty of its launch. However, NASA Langley Office of
Education will continue with its plans for the May 13 and 25 Web-4M
training and the June 12 virtual workshop with the presentation of your
learning modules.

In preparation for STS-99, the launch is scheduled for the early fall
of 1999. TERC will send out information about STS-99 in the next few
weeks inviting current EarthKAM schools to participate. Schools will
not have to submit a new proposal to participate; however, once more
details on the mission are known, one may want to make modifications to
their proposals.

We appreciate your commitment to EarthKAM this year and our attempts to
institute a regional approach. We look forward to the sharing by
region's of their online learning modules at the June 12 workshop. We
also look forward to refining and adding to the modules with the
upcoming mission. Your contributions are appreciated by NASA and other

Shelley has now departed for Washington, DC and will remain tied to
EarthKAM in her new capacity. She looks forward to participating in
the June 12 virtual workshop.