The Next Step is Presentation

You have now joined the ranks of those few students that have had the opportunity to perform an experiment in Space. The final step in all scientific research is the publication and presentation of data. This  step allows your fellow researchers to share results with you, so that all may learn from the experiment. You may give a PLATFORM PRESENTATION,  which is a five minute oral talk which can be illustrated with posters, slides, overheads or video tape. You can also present your data as a POSTER SESSION, which is a small exhibit similar to the Science Fair. If you submit your report in a written form (on paper or better yet, on a disk), it will be published on the CAN DO Web Site where it will be available to students all over the world.

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Publish Your Results on the Web

Student Space Researchers are encouraged to share their results  with the world-wide community of student -scientists. A one page summary of your results will be published in a special section of the CAN DO Project website, if your submission meets the following guidelines:

  • Submit your report on a standard High Density  (HD) floppy disk in a file produced by a major  word-processing program (Microsoft Word, WordPerfect, Claris Works etc.) or in a simple text format. Please indicate on the disk the platform ( Windows 95, Mac, etc) and the software program and version used. If it cannot be submitted on a disk, please submit clean laser printed text using a plain font.

  • A total of two graphs, tables or photos may be included to illustrate your results. The material is not returnable. Photos may not show the faces of students (School District Policy).

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