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With the recent release of several movies dealing with Comet and Asteroid Impacts with the Earth, it seemed like a good time to pull together some links for information on these potential calamities. Our thanks to Eve Katuna ,our ever vigilant link spotter, for finding these goodies.

Contributed by Eve Katuna 5/21/01

Deep Impact

the first look inside a comet

Scheduled for July 2005, Deep Impact's spacecraft will arrive at comet Tempel 1 and become the first mission to impact the surface of a comet. You can share in this exciting experiment by observing the impact and its effect from earth. Dramatic images from cameras on both the impactor and the spacecraft will be sent back to earth in near real-time.

(Note) Notice the namesake - Tempel - could it be named after our fearless leader?  

Solar System Collisions

Send an asteroid or comet hurtling toward your favorite planet!

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The Earth orbits the Sun in a sort of cosmic shooting gallery, subject to impacts from comets and asteroids. It is only fairly recently that we have come to appreciate that these impacts by asteroids and comets (often called Near Earth Objects, or NEOs) pose a significant hazard to life and property. Although the annual probability of the Earth being struck by a large asteroid or comet is extremely small, the consequences of such a collision are so catastrophic that it is prudent to assess the nature of the threat and prepare to deal with it.


Near-Earth Asteroid Tracking Home Page

NEAT is an autonomous celestial observatory designed to complete a comprehensive search of the sky for near-Earth asteroids and comets.

The Spacewatch Project

Information about the program to study near Earth comets and asteroids. Also this site has a great gallery of comet and asteroid images.

SOHO observations of two sungrazing comets

On Tuesday, 1998 June 2, telescopes on board the SOHO spacecraft viewed two sungrazing comets following similar but not identical orbits, and entering the tenuous outer atmosphere of the Sun --- the solar corona --- never to reappear on the other side of the Sun.


Unit Plan: Comet Shoemaker-Levy 9

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