1. Why was the South Carolina Low Country good for growing rice?

The fresh water marshes were good for growing rice because of the need to flood the fields. The growing season was the right length, as was the temperature range.

2. What are some of the disadvantages of living on the coast?

Hurricanes are a constant threat to our coastline. This is an active earthquake are also.

3. What are fresh water tides?

The more dense salt water from the ocean pushes underneath the fresh water from the creeks and rivers. At high tide the salt water pushes the fresh water up and can easily be used to flood the rice fields.

4. How did plantation owners learn how to plant rice?

The African Slaves came from rice growing areas in western African, with similar coastlines and climate. They had the knowledge of rice growing and the technology to create a system of dikes and trunks to regulate the flooding of the rice fields.