KidSat : Sea Ice Definitions

Introductory definitions for interpreting ice images.


1. Ice floe - Blanketed by snow, pancake ice cements into floes, which buckle as they ram against one another and slide around.

2. Pancake ice - Ice spins around in waves and thickens into free floating ice disks, some reaching 8 ft. in diameter.

3. Sea-Ice Sheets & Pack ice - As winter deepens pancake ice enlarges and crowds together.

4. Shuga ice or Grease Ice - Early ice that forms as the temperature falls and small ice crystals clump together into congealed greasy-ice slicks.

5. Young ice or Frazil Ice - Quickly frozen ice about an eight-inch-long that may contain minute organisms.

6. Open water - Unfrozen sea that may appear a very deep or dark blue.

7. Fast ice - Ice attached to the land.

8. Clouds - White puffs that tend to cast shadows over the ice and may be confused with snow on the ice surface which do not cast shadows.

Can you identify the words from above in the images below?

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