Comet Shoemaker Levy-9

 Six Can Do teachers got the privilege to participate in the HST events associated with the Comet Shoemaker Levy-9 collision with Jupiter. They witnessed the first HST image of this phenomenal occurrence presented at the first press conference at the Space Telescope Science Institute by Dr. Heidi Hammel, the lead scientist of the HST Team, on July 16, 1994. Later that night, after all the excitement, one teacher wrote in her journal that "Being at the Space Telescope Science Institute when the first Hubble image was shown was a dream come true." They videotaped many of the press briefings at Goddard Space Flight Center and kept journals during this exciting week of scientific discovery. The educators were fortunate to interview various scientists about the comet; the highlight of the week was their interview with David Levy. The Can Do teachers used this experience to develop activities for students in Charleston and Berkeley Counties. One teacher considered the "comet collision a fertile ground for young writers and dreamers as well as scientists."

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