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Building the Team

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To construct such an ambitious undertaking will require a team of educators and scientists coupled with the active support of NASA, equipment manufacturers and institutions such as the National Geographic Society. Successful projects like GeoCam, KidSat, EarthKAM and the Jason Project have developed the model for this type of teamwork. The International Space Station will provide a new vehicle for such a joint effort to produce a scientific and educational tool of real and lasting value. Since the watershed pictures taken by Apollo 8 showed us a small blue planet hanging in a black void, we have realized just how truly majestic yet fragile our only home is. It is our generation’s responsibility to teach the next generation to appreciate and better understand the many diverse but also interdependent systems that exist on this planet we call Earth. It is just this appreciation of our fragile planet and the interdependence of one environment on another that may prove to be the key to our survival as a species.
The 1992 GeoCam team representing the astronauts, four NASA centers, the National Geographic Society and the Can Do Project.

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