Atacama Dessert Quiz

Click on the answer you think is correct.

1. What ocean borders the Atacam Desert
   a) Pacific Ocean
   b) Atlantic Ocean
   c) Indian Ocean
   d) Arctic Ocean

2. On the average, how often does it rain in the Atacam.
   a) Daily
   b) Monthly
   c) Once a year
   d) Once a decade

3. What is the main industry in the Atacam ?
   a) Manufacturing
   b) Farming
   c) Tourism
   d) Mining

4. What is the main cause of the dry conditions in the Atacam ?
   a) The rain clouds are all blocked by the Andes Mountains.
   b) A cold current off shore causes condensation of water vapor in the clouds before they reach land.
   c) It is too hot to rain.
   d) There is no source of water nearby.

5. Name one other coastal desert with a similar weather pattern to the Atacam.
   a) The Sahara Desert
   b) The Mongolian Desert
   c) The Namib Desert
   d) Death Valley

6. What source of moisture supports a small delicate ecosystem along the coast ?
   a) Coastal Fog
   b) The many Salars
   c) Oasis
   d) Artificial Irrigation

7. NASA used the Atacam to do what ?
   a) To test a lunar rover design.
   b) For emergency shuttle landings.
   c) To test weather instruments
   d) A rocket target area.

8. How is most mining done in the Atacam ?
   a) Deep shafts.
   b) Shallow shafts.
   c) Individual prospectors
   d) Open mining in the Salars.

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