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CAN DO Meeting Notes


May 17,1999

  1. NASA Small Payload Symposium, September 13-15 US Naval Academy, Annapolis Md. Three abstracts accepted.
  2. We will be writing the presentations and manuscripts this summer for a July deadline. If you are interested in helping to write or in presenting, please contact Jim .

    Meeting details at: http://sspp.gsfc.nasa.gov/99sym/

  3. SETI at Home software is out  !! Sign up now.
  4. Remember to sign up for the neat screen saver that may make your students famous for discovering the first extra-terrestrial intelligent life. Let your computer do important work even when it’s idle. I've got mine running at home and at work and it is just too cool. People are always dropping in just to see it at work.

    More details at: http://www.musc.edu/cando/links/hot.html#seti

  5. NANO Experiment to Mars !!!!! Don’t let this chance get away !!
  6. There is an opportunity for some lucky student team to send the first student experiment to MARS. Since we practically invented small passive experiments we think we should try for this one also. What is needed is a really creative and original idea AND SOON as the deadline is fast approaching. If you need technical help or advice contact me or Tom.

    Details at: http://www.musc.edu/cando/links/hot.html#nano

  7. Putting your EarthKAM project on the web.
  8. Many of these show a great deal of work, which would be of interest for other teachers and students. If you are willing to put your efforts up on the web, contact Jim for assistance. Jim’s wife Kathy (more patient and gentler) is also a full time web designer and has volunteered to help any teacher or student. Don’t let your hard work go to waste, share it with others. Several teachers have made this a summer project.

  1. EarthKAM -Staying in Touch This Summer
  2. The group voted to take  some time off this summer in view of our intense activities this year and the flurry of activities that will launch next Fall's schedule - Space Symposium and EarthKAM Mission both within one month of the opening of school. Instead we are planning to have a social event - details to be announced- sometime before the opening of school. Special committees and individual activities will continue but otherwise, enjoy a well deserved rest.  IT IS IMPORTANT that we know how to reach you this summer so please take a moment to download and print out a fresh form telling us where you will be hiding this summer.Then please fax it to Jim at 843-792-4157.

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    Click this button for the summer address form

  3. STS-99 A New and Better Flight
  4. STS-99 is significantly different than STS-93. It is a longer mission (11 days instead of 5) and it is a much higher inclination (covers more of the Earth). It gives your students a much wider range of target opportunities. You can keep your old projects but you may want to expand or develop new ones to take advantage of the new flights greater coverage.

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    Click on this button for more information on the STS-93 Mission

    Schools that signed up for STS-93 are still on the team for STS-99, BUT THEY MUST fill out a new application for EarthKAM. Use this button to download the form. Note: this is in Adobe Acrobat PDF file format, if you cannot open it, contact me and I will fax you a copy.

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    Click on this button for the EarthKAM registration form.

  5. SEM-BEST Control Experiments – Sorting Them Out

The hard working team at this meeting sorted out all of the STS-91 BEST experiment vials. If you weren't there, they will be sent to you by courier. Out of town experiments will be mailed. It is being left to individual teachers whether they wish to complete the experiments this school year or hold them over for next year. We will be setting up a virtual SEMposium on the web so that students will have a place to share their results and receive recognition. More details to come out by next Fall.

The next meeting will be a late summer social event.

Stay tuned to this web site for details.