CAN DO Meeting Agenda

January 10, 1998

Topics Discussed

SEMposium 98

SEMposium 98 - Planned for March 28 -

It was decided to use a format similar to the very successful SEMposium 97.

Jim Nicholson, Margaret Spigner, Eve Katuna and Barbara Eager offered to serve on the planning committee but we still need more volunteers. We are planning to have only two meetings outside of regular CAN DO meetings. One in late Jan/early Feb and another a few weeks before the SEMposium.


Ed Tech Course - There has been an unfortunate delay in the issuance of academic credit due to a paperwork SNAFU -Sorry Guys! We hope to have this resolved very soon.


Meeting Day? Is Saturday working for you? Attendance has shown that the Saturday meeting day is not working for everyone as well as had been hoped. The committee decided to try a new plan where every other meeting would be held on a Saturday with an extended activity or workshop. Alternating meetings would be held on Monday afternoon on a basis similar to the older plan. It is hoped that this will give a time suitable for everyone at least part of the time. It is hoped that the web site will also help members stay in touch with the happenings at meetings that they are not able to attend in person. The first Monday meeting will start in March - watch for a revised schedule on the web site.


Carol's out of town - sends everyone her best wishes and encourages all to get going on SEMposium 98


Lem is designing a Science Lab - does anyone have plans or ideas or experiences (bad or good) to share ?

Does your school need photographic darkroom equipment ? A donor is looking for a good home for some equipment. A letter from your principal will be required. Let Jim know if you are interested.


The CAN DO Digital Album is ready to start copying. The copies will be $5.00 for members. E-Mail your order ASAP so we can plan production.

Web/Email list update - do we know how to reach you efficiently? Are you using the web site? Please send current information if you have not done so.


Lunar Prospector - are you ready to participate ? See the Lunar Prospector web site to take advantage of the educational program planned for this exciting mission.


The active experiments.

Does your class want to PI an active experiment? There are several neat opportunities arising from the STS-85 SEM Module. Student teams will conduct research, analyze data and prepare a presentation for the SEMposium.


Opportunities to analyze the fascinating tape, the first ever "sounds of the Space Shuttle".

Additional copies of the tape will be made available to other student teams who develop an additional analysis method.


Opportunities to analyze the radiation data from sensors and the film fogging experiments


Opportunities to analyze chlorophyll production data demonstrating in flight revival of Resurrection Fern.

Ruth Truluck - Biology of revival and photosynthesis

Margaret Spigner - Data reduction

Passive Materials Research



- DO YOU KNOW THE SIZE OF THE UNIVERSE? Those that attended the meeting have a better idea now that they have used the "Thousand Yard Model". You will want to try this activity with your class. Pick up a handout or visit the web site for "The Earth as a Peppercorn, the Thousand Yard Model."