CAN DO Meeting Notes

February 7, 1998


Ed Tech Course Credit - The MUSC Board of Trustees at their February meeting will vote to allow academic credit with a waver on tuition in accordance with the new state regulation. Hopefully, that will resolve once and for all this unfortunate delay in credit.

NEW Meeting Days - Starting in March we will start alternating Can Do Meetings between Saturdays and Monday afternoons. The first Monday meeting will start in March - watch for a revised schedule on the web site.

Carol's a Grandma -Welcome the newest addition to the Tempel clan, Abigail Ann (8lb 8oz, 21") born to Lisa and Michael on Thursday January 29.

Nancy Parson Wins National Presidential Award

Nancy Parson won the nation's highest honor for K-12 math and science teachers, the Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics and Science in Teaching. Only 200 teachers in the nation are given this high honor which comes with a $7,500 grant and a trip to Washington for the awards ceremony and educational seminars. The Can Do Team decided to honor Nancy by inviting her to be our Guest of Honor and Keynote Speaker at the 1998 SEMposium in March.

NMEA conference will be in Puerto Rico this year on August 3 - 10. For more info on conference contact Carmelina Livingston as soon as possible to take advantage of cheaper airline tickets. Further details will be posted about this meeting on the Can Do website as they become available.

STS-89 Marks Debut of EarthKam. January 22 marked the debut of EarthKam, successor to the highly successful KidSat program. Four Charleston County Schools are participating. Ellen Vaughan told the group that her students had gotten some particularly good photos. These include the FIRST direct overlap as the EarthKam photos cover the same area of the Atacam dessert as the GeoCam photos did 5 years earlier. Most exciting, there are visible changes in mining structures and buildings between the two sets of photos.

Does your school need photographic darkroom equipment ? A donor is still looking for a good home for some equipment. A letter from your principal will be required. Let Jim know if you are interested. 

The CAN DO Digital Album is ready to start copying. The copies will be $5.00 for members. E-Mail your order ASAP so we can plan production.

Web/Email list update - do we know how to reach you efficiently? Are you using the web site? Please send current information if you have not done so.


SEMposium 98


SEMposium 98 - Planned for March 28 -

We will use a format similar to the very successful SEMposium 97.

The conferences will be in Room 202 and 402 in the BSB with the posters in the 6th floor labs

Committee : Carol Tempel, Jim Nicholson, Margaret Spigner, Eve Katuna and Barbara Eager, Kathy Rackley. We still need more volunteers. We are planning to have only one meeting outside of regular CAN DO meetings, a few weeks before the SEMposium. It was decided to honor Nancy Parson by inviting her to be the Guest of Honor and Keynote Speaker at the 1998 SEMposium.

Flyers - due out by Feb 14

Programs are being designed

Certificates will be supplied.

Tee-shirts will be available for sale.


The active experiments.

Does your class want to PI an active experiment? There are several neat opportunities arising from the STS-85 SEM Module. Student teams will conduct research, analyze data and prepare a presentation for the SEMposium.


Opportunities to analyze the fascinating tape, the first ever "sounds of the Space Shuttle". Tape copies have been made. MUSC ENT will help with the control experiments.

Alma Mack - oscilloscope audio analysis

Robin Rutherford - listening log, silent background experiment

Margaret Spigner - computer audio analysis

Additional copies of the tape will be made available to other student teams who develop an additional analysis method.


Opportunities to analyze the radiation data from sensors and the film fogging experiments. Results are back from the lab.

Alma Mack - radiation physics

Margaret Spigner - film fog investigation

Classroom Activity

Calculate Your Average Yearly Radiation Exposure Compared to RAD


Opportunities to analyze chlorophyll production data demonstrating in flight revival of Resurrection Fern.

Ruth Truluck - Biology of revival and photosynthesis

Margaret Spigner - Data reduction

Passive Materials Research

Video Tape - Gearlean McLaughlin (MUSC Television will help)

Data Disks - Ellen Vaughan, Eve Katuna, Margaret Spigner

Other experimental materials are still available. Don't let your students miss out. Apply today!


Special Guest

Dr. Stanley Jones

Office of Education, NASA Langley

The Can Do Steering Committee enjoyed the opportunity to swap notes with NASA Education Representative Stanley Jones. Many topics were discussed including strategies to bring aerospace education resources directly to bear on state guidelines for curriculum. Dr. Jones also briefed the team on several new Langley Education initiatives including the
CONNECT Television Series and NEW (NASA Educational Workshop).


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