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CAN DO Meeting Notes


April 19,1999

  1. Launch Passes for July flight ????
  2. NASA has changed the way launch passes are distributed. I will be sending in a request through Langley research center this week. If any one else needs a pass, please contact Jim IMMEDIATELY.

  3. Passive SEM-BEST Control Experiments – this month !!
  4. Running the SEM BEST experiment controls sorta fell through the cracks during the EarthKAM course. We will (NO KIDDING) be running the controls between now and the May 17 meeting. If your students would like to help run the controls please fax me the form ASAP. Space is limited and it will be first come first served.

    Application form at: http://www.musc.edu/cando/current/sem_appl.html

  5. NASA Small Payload Symposium, September 13-15 US Naval Academy, Annapolis Md. Abstracts due before MAY 1 !!!!
  6. The symposium is always a great chance to get together with fellow space experimenters and to share your results. It hasn’t been held for several years so we very much want to take advantage of this opportunity. This could involve CAN DO teachers and students. We are planning to submit both RAD and POLY since they are both experiments that will be of special interest to other experimenters. SOUSA and MAVIS are also possibilities. Papers can also be about proposed future payloads including those for the International Space Station. A two-page abstract must be electronically filed before MAY 1. If you are interested in presenting, please contact Jim immediately.

    Meeting details at: http://sspp.gsfc.nasa.gov/99sym/

  7. SETI at Home software due out by May 15th !! Sign up now.
  8. Remember to sign up for the neat screen saver that may make your students famous for discovering the first extra-terrestrial intelligent life. Let your computer do important work even when it’s idle.

    More details at: http://www.musc.edu/cando/links/hot.html#seti

  9. NANO Experiment to Mars !!!!! Don’t let this chance get away !!
  10. There is an opportunity for some lucky student team to send the first student experiment to MARS. Since we practically invented small passive experiments we think we should try for this one also. Our chief engineer, Tom O’Brien briefed everyone on the very challenging technical design criteria. Its too good an opportunity to pass up and the design will be a worthwhile problem solving activity in its own right.

    Details at: http://www.musc.edu/cando/links/hot.html#nano

  11. Summer Science Institute for Middle School Girls !
  12. Eve passed on this great opportunity for Middle School girls to attend a non-resident workshop at Goddard Space Flight Center. The deadline passed on April 15th.

  13. Putting your EarthKAM project on the web.
  14. Kathy Rackley started handing back the evaluation forms for the EarthKAM projects. Many of these show a great deal of work, which would be of interest for other teachers and students. If you are willing to put your efforts up on the web, contact Jim for assistance. Jim’s wife Kathy (more patient and gentler) is also a full time web designer and has volunteered to help any teacher or student. Don’t let your hard work go to waste, share it with others.

  15. EarthKAM Regional Control Room technical team organizing – any volunteers ?
  16. As the July flight comes closer we are organizing the technical support team to work on the building of the regional control room. Meetings will be in the afternoon at MUSC. If you want a chance to learn computer networking, web cameras and other technical skills, please contact Jim to volunteer.

  17. EarthKAM simulation during STS-96 (May 20 –30)
  18. The team decided to plan on conducting a full-up dress simulation during the flight of STS-96 in late May. This will be held on the first Saturday-Sunday that the shuttle is up. The control room will be as complete as is practical. We will also see if EarthKAM will support the Sim on their end. More details will be announced at the next meeting.

  19. Great White Hunter (Bwana) Carol has returned from her African Safari
  20. Carol has just returned from a great adventure in South Africa where she learned a great deal about the role of planned game management, including controlled hunting, in the maintenance of a healthy animal population. Carol carefully documented her trip with photos and a journal. Those at the meeting got a chance to enjoy the pictures and a first hand narration. Carol plans to share the story with others through a new web page in the near future.

  21. EarthKam Image exploration – Kathy Rackley

Kathy Rackley discussed the use of the images contained in the EarthKAM teacher’s package as an important resource for EarthKAM project models. Kathy asks all teachers to be sure to check the back of the images where a complete mini-lesson written by an expert is reinforced with links and references for further research.


DON"T FORGET – The next meeting will be Monday May 3 (4:00-6:00 PM) at MUSC Research Building - 1st Floor - Room RS111 - Module 1&2 (below Jim's Office)