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A Student's View of the Southeastern Coast From Space

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Prepared for the EarthKAM Project Virtual Workshop hosted by NASA Langley Research Center, Office of Education, June 12, 1999

Lead Author: Eve Katuna - Drayton Hall Middle School

Contributing Authors:
  • Nancy Parson - Cario Middle School
  • Ellen Vaughan - James Island Middle School
  • Kathy Rackley - Mason Preparatory School
Web Design & Slide Show - James Nicholson - Medical University of South Carolina
Additional Material:
  • Margaret Spigner's Class - Middleton High School
  • Robin Rutherford - Porter Gaud School


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113 Slides - 45-60 Minutes


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A Student's View of the Southeastern Coast from Space


3 Pages

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  1. A Changing Perspective from a Satellite Image to a Flat Map
  2. Barrier Islands
  3. Marine Organisms

9 Pages

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PowerPoint Presentation

113 Slides

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Investigating Two River Mouth Habitats

4 Pages

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Grade Levels - Fourth & Fifth

South Carolina: From the Mountains to the Sea

21 Slides

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Student PowerPoint Presentation


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