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Homework Assignment

Design an EarthKAM Image Investigation Project

ASSIGNMENT - Design an EarthKAM Image Investigation Project



The Projects

Your project may be any length you choose. We are asking that you prepare aproject that you could use as a model for your classroom. Please make an outline of our project before you proceed so we may discuss your plans and assist you in any way possible.

I. Introduction of your topic

State your question

1. One topic with several images to compare using previous shuttle images and images from other sites or

2. Several shuttle images that you explain in depth using research. or

3. Social Studies (or other subject) theme - for example:exploring places that water was an nfluence in settling.

II. Images - choose a minimum of 2 images for your topic

1. For each image give the name of the place, lat/long, STS #

2. A minimum of 5 annotations on each image

2. Explain what is observed in each image in a brief paragraph


III. Research

1. Gather information from 2 or more Internet sites for your topic

2. Use of other research material for your topic Encyclopedia, Ebsco, books

IV. Individual choice - you may choose to do this part or not This may be a place to include a poem, art form , or music you have found or written that applies to an image. This is not a requirement.

V. Conclusion

A brief summary of your topic


Some Model Projects to Study

chatham.jpg (4405 bytes)

Chatham Island

EarthKAM Student Project by Sarah Schoon - James Island Middle School

jpl.jpg (6903 bytes)

Creating An EarthKAM Image Investigation

A Model EarthKAM Project from JPL

atacam.jpg (7276 bytes)

Case Study - The Atacama Desert

Presented by the CAN DO Project in support of the Teacher Training Institute at NASA Langley Research Center


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